Protons Are Positive T-Shirt

protons are positive t-shirt

A Positive Message T-Shirt From Stitchy the Positive Proton

protons are positive t-shirt

BUSTITCH’s very own Stitchy the Proton has a message:

Electrons are Negative

Protons are Positive

Be a Proton


This positive t-shirt features Stitchy with his message.  Stitchy is an adorable proton who’s only wish is that his message reaches everyone.  He wears a smirk because he knows that you know deep down that positivity will beat negativity every time.

Wear this cute science shirt anywhere.  Really, it is acceptable anywhere.

protons are positive t-shirt

This t-shirt is available for men, women, boys and girls in the following colors:

protons are positive t-shirt

This is a premium t-shirt made of a lightweight fine jersey fabric.  It is a slim fit.  If you prefer a looser fit, consider ordering one size larger.

Here is the Amazon US link:

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